I spent a couple of days with my writer-daughter and we both got a little work done.  I don’t know what broke through her block, but she sat down saying she didn’t know what to do with a particular scene and got up with the scene finished.

I’m working on a comic mystery–I had finished about fifty pages, but it wasn’t feeling right.  I decided to try changing it from third person to first person, and that’s bringing it to life for me.  As I go through and change it, I’m opening up the scenes as well.  It was going too fast, before, had no shape.  I think it’s better now….

Tomorrow, I need to get started on my columns for next week.  I think I know what I’m going to do them on; at least, two or three of the five.  I love getting started early in the week.  I enjoy poking around and following my curiosity.  When I get started later in the week, I have to just shove something out–always something I’m interested in, but not so much exploring.